My painting practice has always been dedicated to depicting the land, as I am deeply committed to exploring, through my art, the unique character of some of Canada's most startling regions. Specifically my work it is about “place”, which has derived mainly from a series of residencies that I have attended over the past 15 years. From 2006 to 2012 much of my work took the form of abstracted landscapes, as I was experimenting with different grounds and mediums as well as exploring the construction of imagery and working with changing the view or perspective of the horizon line and the vanishing point. From 2013 on I have returned to a more pictoral interpretation of the land, albeit with e new tenacity to detail, using a layering technique far exceeding my previous works. Many of my scenes are created from memory, giving an unreal but universal quality to the scenes depicted. My focus remains fixed upon the transcendent power of the land, where I seek to convey a subjective yet highly emotional response to nature. I have always been compelled by that distant line that divides the sky from the ground, what one sees depends on the person, it might be a spiritual connection, a fear of the unknown, or the manifestation of a greater power or presence. I paint perhaps wanting to know what lies beyond . The underlining themes in my work deal with mortality and sublimity, distilling fleeting atmospheric conditions on panel which have the power to move the viewer. I am committed to the medium of oil painting with a specific interest in the sensuous treatment of colour combined with the formal elements of pictorial properties and like the mid-19th century Romantic Landscape painters; J.M.W Turner and Caspar David Friedrich, I am searching for those same transcendent themes that exemplified their work while trying to bring landscape into a contemporary and universal context. 

Patrice Stanley
May 2015