March 18th, 2019 - The Day after St. Patrick's Day, I'm home

Well, my adventure wasn’t without it’s disappointments and some frustrations. My laptop died on me not long after I arrived at Damsite. It was crushing, but I dealt with it the best I could. So, the daily blogs turned into daily journal entries instead. I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to proceed with telling my story about New Mexico. For now, I’ll just start with this blog and see where it takes me. Aside from having to purchase and set up a new, refurbished laptop, which by the way, is running beautifully, with lots more speed, I came home to some sad news about a dear friend. It’s been a very difficult last few days. My main concern now, is getting into the studio to start producing work. Because I didn’t get much painting done while at the residency, I’m going to take the 18 or so pieces of pre-cut Mylar and begin small oil studies. I have over 300 photos to work from, which will hopefully jog my memory and take me back to the places I visited. Music will need to be carefully chosen, in order for me to channel my emotions and bring to the surface the ideas I accumulated, over my two-week stay. One thing I know for certain and this came to me at the end of my trip; I want to introduce various physical elements into the landscapes, by that I mean natural and man made things. These will possibly include: windmills, cisterns, trees, RV’s & Airstreams, hollowed drift wood, tumbleweeds, rocks, etc. Basically the plan is to work the foreground, which I have not done in my work, in many years, so the challenge is on!